SEO is a on-going battle. It’s not rocket science, however you need to put in the time. Not implementing the basics, can put your website in the wrong position.

VERIFIY Sitemaps

Check your sitemaps and correct crawl errors, which are likely broken links.
Use Google Webmaster Tools to accomplish this task.


Google may penalize websites that contain broken links. It’s best to check your links periodically and remove the bad links.

CONFIRM Title Tags

Title tags are very important. They tell users and search engines, what the web page is about. Make sure your tags are relevant to the page’s content. Whenever possible utilize important keywords.

ADD Meta Descriptions

Confirm that all your webpages have meta-descriptions.

Site Load Speed

Fast loading websites are important to user experience. Especially on mobile devices.

ALT Image Tags

ALT image text helps search engines identify the content of an image. Therefore, it can be displayed properly within search results.

No Duplicate Content

Google penalizes duplicate content as it is often used to manipulate search rankings. Duplicate content can also result in a poor user experience, when content repeated within a set of search results.

AUDIT Analytics

Marketers should review their analytics and determine what content is driving the most traffic.
Making sense of this data will assist in determining strategies for better search rankings and web traffic.

Mobile Compatibility

Websites that display properly on mobile devices are a must. Not to mention,
if a website is not mobile friendly, it is definitely being ranked lower on the SERPs.

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